Reading will not only improve your communication or reading skills as it helps with language by learning new grammar and expression, but also improves your personality. Reading helps to exercise the mind, helping you to calm down, relax and opening doors to knowledge.

Things I Like About Me by Hiba
Digital Book: Recycling is Fun Read by Hiba
Digital Book: Waking Up by ELLEN SEESE Read by Hiba
Book: My Wish Tonight Read by Mia
I’m Australian Too Read by Sarah
What does it mean to be happy Read by Hiba
Why do we sleep and dream Read by Hiba
Friends read by Hiba
My Green Lunch read by Hiba
Who is a bully read by Hiba
Making Healthy Habits Fun read by Hiba
Respect read by Hiba


What does Honesty mean and how can we be honest? Read by Hiba

Walking Home Alone

Walking home alone read by Hiba

10 September 2020 R U OK Day

Use the time to send a message to someone you care for to check on them and see if they are OK!

Interesting Activities

Fiction & Non-Fiction Books Read by Hiba

What is a comic book?

Download this PDF and explore what is a comic book. try to make your own comic book and don’t forget to share it with us. Can’t wait till we see your ideas


Reading for 6 min a day, reduces stress by 68%
Children learn 4,000 to 12,00 words per year through reading
People who read are more likely to get ahead when it comes to their careers, and life in general.
You’re more likely to learn something new everyday if your read daily.
Alice in Wonderland is based on a real 10 years old girl
According to the Guinness World Records, the largest book in the world weighs over 3,000 lb and measures 16.40 ft x 26.44 ft.
Dorothy Straight wrote her book How the World Began when she was 4 years and 3 months old, making her the youngest person in the world to write a published book.
Up to 50 books can be made from 1 tree.
A study found that you are 2 ½ times less likely to be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in later life if you read regularly
On estimate, there are over 900,000 new books published each year
The longest sentence ever printed is 823 words. It’s a legit sentence that exists in Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables
The first children’s book published in English was Caxton’s edition of Aesop’s Fables in 1484.


STORY TIME – by Fairy Tales and Stories for Kids

Making Inferences

When reading you will need to read between the lines by making connections and drawing conclusion about the text’s meaning and purpose. watch this video to learn more about inferences. Have fun!