Today Sarah sends a fun shout out to you all. Check this page weekly for fun cooking videos that you can try at home.

Introduction: Little Green Hands with Sarah
Lesson One: Learn how to make Chocolate Avocado Mousse at home with Sarah
Lesson Two: Making a Smoothie with Sarah
Lesson Three: How you can make Banana Bread Too
Lesson Four: How to make peanut butter cookies
Lesson Five: How to make a banana chocolate smoothie
Lesson Six: Christmas Cookies With Grandpa
Lesson Seven: 2 ingredient cookies with Sarah.
Lesson Eight: How to make Oat Energy balls!
Lesson Nine: Healthy Honey Joys! Super easy and delicious.

Learn to make hot chocolate with Zianeb!

How to make FALAFEL with Sarah and her family!
Healthy Easy Salad with Hiba!

Healthy, Easy, Yummy, Summery Sandwich with Mia

Learn how to make a healthy, easy, yummy summery sandwich with Mia

Cooking work sheets

Download and print these worksheets to help with your english writing and vocabulary skills!